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I am hellbent on destruction for I am a menace to society.

I'm actually 15 :/ @DemisurgeX

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This will get kinda sad and lenghty so I'd thought I'd put that out there. it's not for sympathy or to say "oOoOh I'm SoOoO mIsErAbLe." it's to let everyone know how I'm doing.

So for whoever cares, My game So Square will be getting an update very soon. I hope you all are looking forward to it. I would appreciate if anyone played it and gave it a decent review. thanks.


I don't know if ill be active for as much as i used to. I'm in 10th grade, completley clueless on what to do about anything anymore. Homecoming is coming up and I don't have anyone to ask or anyone to even go with. my reputation is fucked where I'm at and now, theres really no way out of the bottomless pit I've created. I'm trying my best to think of anything but asking someone to go with me. I'm just scared to death of being rejected. Everyone knows about everything i've done and I'm scared to socialize outside of my friend group because of what I've said / done / shown to people. I feel so stupid for wanting to be friends with certian people, but in the end, they were asshole to me and didn't care about our friendship. I'm scared of what's going to happen one second after the next and i don't know if everything would be better off without me or not. But the last thing I want on my mind right now, is women. One of my previous female friends had completely ignored me and stopped talking to me for no reason. So, I called her a cunt, killing our bond. Over the summer, I had appoligised for saying that and she appoligised for being a bad friend. The rest get personal, and i will not go any further.

Back to homecoming, I don't have many female friends so my options are little to none. And I'm really not great with girls anyways, so It's hard for me to get along with anyone. Especially with my interests. No one's gonna wanna hang with some one that uses this site cuz they'd be weirded out by Newgrounds' freedom of creativity levels. What did I do to to deserve any of this?

TL;DL for all you lazy motherfuckers out there: I hate my life, i'm scared of women, Newgrounds, Homecoming and why, why am I here?

anyway, thanks, and take care everyone. NG-4-EVAH

EDIT: Thanks for the positive support everyone. I'm going straight to finishing the update for my game!


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